Welcome to Wayne co, NE marriages!

Welcome to the newest G.O.G.S. (Greater Omaha Genealogy Society) web site!  We have more fun finding ancestors, and helping others find information about their ancestors.

One hint in finding ancestral marriages: don’t be locked into their county of residence.  We find as we index from the marriage records, that people come from all over to marry, not just the county of residence.  So if you find we have the time period that your ancestors or siblings were married in, and they aren’t on our list, do check surrounding counties, including across the river into Iowa, or south to Kansas or Missouri.

If you can’t make it to the courthouse in question, we have the records that you see on these web pages at the W. Dale Clark Library.  You’re welcome to come and explore there, or G.O.G.S. (PO Box 4011, Omaha, NE 68104) can get you a copy from the microfilm either by email or US mail for $5 copy to cover copy costs, postage, etc.  Or you can contact gogsresearch@gmail.com,  or by contacting the W. Dale Clark Library.  http://www.omahalibrary.org for their currant research rates.

Happy hunting and I hope you find someone you’re looking for on one of our sites.

Be aware:  marriage laws vary from time to time, and while sometimes the names of parents are included, some time periods they didn’t have to include it.  Still, you won’t know unless you check.

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